Rhythm. Melody. Harmony.

“The rhythm of the BODY, the melody of the MIND, and the harmony of the SOUL create the symphony of LIFE.” - B.K.S. Iyengar

Welcome to LILY-ŌṀ-YOGA, where we embrace the transformative power of yoga to nurture the body, the mind, and the spirit. Through mindful movements accessible for everybody, delicious breathwork and a variety of meditation techniques, we take loving care of our body and mind. We also learn to stay in the present moment, and understand and accept who we truly are. WARNING ⚠️ Common side effects of regular yoga and meditation practice may include but not limited to: equanimity, witness-like attitude, a healthy body, healthy eating habits, inner & outer glow, and increased compassion for ourselves and others.

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Hatha Yoga
In this traditional, more static practice, we focus on alignment and mindfulness. This is a practice with a slower pace and more modifications, if necessary, and more verbal instructions. As a result, we bring balance between the Sun and the Moon within us.
Vinyasa Yoga
This is a more dynamic practice where we flow from one asana to the next, letting our breath carry us through our practice by linking the postures with the breath.
Trauma-Informed Yin Yoga
This is a gentle, meditative yoga targeting deeper connective tissues, practiced in an emotionally safe environment where empowered choices are encouraged to be made, and emotional healing is possible without the danger of re-traumatization. (For further information, please scroll down and click on the "About Yin Yoga" button!)
“Breath is the bridge which connects life to consciousness, which unites your body to your thoughts. Whenever your mind becomes scattered, use your breath as the means to take hold of your mind again.”― Thich Nhat Hanh
We practice breathwork as part of a yoga practice or as a stand-alone practice. During our session, we do a certain set of breathing techniques to calm the mind and anchor it in the present. These various breathing exercises serve as a gateway to achieving the meditative state of mind, commonly known as the process of meditation. To reach the meditative state of mind, we use various techniques, such as visualization, chakra meditation, loving-kindness meditation, trataka (candle gazing), mantra chanting, and so forth.

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About Trauma-Informed Yin Yoga

As Dr. Gábor Máté points out, “Trauma is not what happens to is what happens inside you as a result of what happened to you.” Trauma-Informed Yin Yoga understands that many of us may have experienced trauma at a certain point in our life. Trauma-informed teaching recognises the signs of the trauma, responds to them with a trauma-integrated approach, and aims to prevent any possibility of re-traumatization. A key objective of Trauma-Informed Yoga is to reestablish a harmonious connection between the body and mind, leading to a healthy nervous system. Through a variety of somatic exercises, acupressure, meridian tapping, and qigong exercises, we manage to regulate our nervous system and help our body and mind be anchored in the present. We foster an emotionally safe environment where, instead of simply following the instructions, we make empowered choices by actively listening to our body in order to be able to get into the asana the way that serves our body the best.

About Me

Founder and Instructor: Lily Valerie Derby
Credentials and Memberships:
-RYT® 200 (The Yoga Institute, Mumbai)
–30-hour Vinyasa Sequencing Training
-20-hour Mindfulness Training
-50-hour Trauma-Informed Yin Yoga Training
-Member of The Yoga Alliance
I am based in Miami, Florida.
I have been actively practicing yoga for more than a decade. Even as a child, I was interested in yoga, but the time to practice it came much later. I can clearly see the difference yoga has brought to my life. Apart from the physical benefits, my way of thinking and my approach to life and to myself have profoundly changed because of rigorous daily yoga practices. The month that I studied yoga and yoga philosophy every single day with the outstanding and wonderful teachers at The Yoga Institute in Mumbai was a very special spiritual and intellectual uplifting experience in my life. Another significant milestone in my yoga journey was when I began exploring trauma and trauma-informed yoga. The impact of trauma-informed yoga on both myself and my students was truly remarkable, revealing its profound potential for healing and transformation. If you would like to practice with me online or in person in Miami, please contact me or reserve a session. 🙏


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